Support the Mercer University Library

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StudentAn investment in the Mercer University Library is a lasting "gift of knowledge."

The Mercer University Library serves as the University’s axis of research, scholarship, and community. Our motto, “Discover Develop Deliver”, reflects our commitment to build a library environment that supports discovery, inquiry and creativity.

The Library builds collections that endure from generation to generation, gathering the wisdom of humankind and documenting new ideas and discoveries. The Library also provides the latest in information and instructional technology. The university community can reach back across time via traditional collections, and beyond the physical boundaries of the campus via the Internet, to the future.

Financial support is essential for the Library to attain excellence as it connects people with ideas in support of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service. Your support allows Mercer University Library the flexibility to provide the latest in information resources, as well as first rate facilities and technology for Mercer students and faculty. Your gift makes a difference!

For more information, please contact:

Shawna Dooley 
Associate Vice President for Advancement 
1400 Coleman Avenue 
Macon, GA 31207